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Thank you for choosing FENIXCASH for your online earning information. We are the Premiere provider of all information about Online Earnings, Earning Strategies, and all things relating to Making Money Online. Let Our Experience Become You Success...


Trying to earn money online can be confusing...

That's where FenixCash comes in. We have put together a list of all the best websites for use in creating the Optimal System to make more income for you. Whether you are only interested in making a little extra spending money in your spare time, or maybe you have more time and are looking to maximize your online earning potential, FenixCash has created the program for you.


FenixCash helps turn what is confusing into a simple game...

The most popular way to earn money online is Paid Surveys. Next are PTC (paid to click). High paying GPTs (get paid to). Then Paid Tasks (micro jobs). Then there's Paid to Search and Paid E-mail. Finally, the most fun are Paid Videos and Paid to Play Games (not gambling). To be successful we use a combination of these sites to make extra money everyday. There are thousands of sites online with so many ways to earn that it's hard to get bored. At FenixCash we look at our system as a game and earning money never gets old. 


Once you get the hang of making money online you'll be able to do it in your sleep...

We all have lives with responsiblities like school or work, but we all sit down at a computer sometime to check email or visit a social site, maybe play a game, or sign up for the next cool program or download a cool app. At FenixCash we get paid every single time we do this-- That's the difference! Paid E-mail--anyone can do this--everyone gets mail. Paid to Search--come on--we search for stuff all the time, why not get paid to do it?  At FenixCash we have found that since we are doing these things already, it's great to get paid for it. Even if you don't try very hard you will make extra money online--guaranteed!! 


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You don't have to be as wise as an Owl...

To use our simple progam. To start, here is a list of  a few websites that provide great online earnings programs. This is the First level program...for beginners and those people that only have a little time each week to try making money online.

  • Survey Savvy--3-5 online surveys each week that pay $2-20 each.
  • UniqueRewards--Best Paid to View website online, visit up to 25 websites a day and get paid, that's it.
  • CashCrate--Get Paid To...do all lots of fun stuff! Great Paid to Search feature.
  • Points2Shop--Watch Videos, complete offers, and more for points or cash.
  • InboxDollars--Paid Email, Surveys, Videos, and a big $5 signup Bonus. 
  • Cash-N-Hits--Click Ads, Watch Videos, even a cool Auto-Surf feature.

 This is NOT too much to handle. Spending only 1/2 hour 3 days a week along with paid search and paid email should get you a couple of checks each month or more, once you get the hang of it.

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Feel free to visit our blog at FenixCash blog or any of our sister sites such as Fenix-Cash QuickList or FenixCash Strategies anytime for more tips, tricks, and links. We are always trying to improve our skills and constantly adding new and promising websites to the list.

Don't forget-- If You don't Succeed then We don't Succeed.

Takin' it slow & easy always pays...

So when you are ready to add a few more websites to your program and add a few more dollars to you wallet then you can sign up for this second group of cash earning websites. 

  • Mindfield Online--One of the top companies in the survey business, they will send you 3-5 surveys per week.
  • ClixSense--One of the oldest sites online. Great Paid-to-Click ads, with lots of high paying Tasks, Surveys, Videos, and more.
  • SwagBucks--Great Paid to Search site with many other ways to earn rewards.
  • NeoBux--Highest paying Paid Tasks online. If you excel at paid tasks, this site is gonna make you extra money.
  • SquishyCash--Great offers that pay in cash or credits. Use your credits to play SquishySlots for more money.
  • DonkeyMails--Get Paid  just for reading Emails. Plus many other ways to earn.

You can see that we have added a few more websites. We want you to see that by adding just a few sites and a few minutes to your total time you can really increase your earnings. This program is great for people that have a little more free time to spend online. 




Want More? We got it...


After trying all this, if you still want more...

Just contact us. FenixCash has more information available. The sites listed here are the best earning opportunities around, in our opinion. If you would like a more compre-hensive list of websites that will help you earn even more money online, we will send it to you. Simply use the contact box and request that we send you the "Bonus List". This list includes about 15 more great websites that will add extra bucks to your bank account.